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Happy New Year 2023!

Aix-en-Provence, France

🎉🎉 2023 : an on-going adventure 🎉🎉

Chimere wishes you all a happy new year 2023!

🚀 Comming :

➜ Product launch

➜ Recruitments

➜ Events

International Forum of Cybersecurity

In Lille, France

We will be present at the International Cybersecurity Forum from June 7 to 9 in Lille on the Thales booth. Come to meet us and exchange around Chimere. See you at booth B9!

Thales Media Day

In Paris, France

darknet Chimere
During the THALES MEDIA DAY in Paris, the team had the chance to present the concept of cyberstealth and the solution to a group of national and international journalists.

Demonstration video

Team is growing!

Welcome Arthur

Arthur joins the team as Product Owner and Operation Manager. Good luck!


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Team is growing!

Welcome Léo

Léo joins us in the team to help us on the Full Stack and C Development aspects. Welcome to him!


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Chimere 1.0

A major milestone achieved

After a little more than a year of development and testing with our partners, we now have Chimere in its 1.0 version! This brings us one step closer to a marketable product. In the following months, we will work on the aspects allowing any company to have easily and in a few clicks a darknet access to ensure the protection of their services.

Retracing a historical issue: the exposure

One of the weaknesses of TCP/IP is still not solved today: the exposure of services.

In the 1980s, DARPA deployed the IPv4 and TCP protocols, which would become the standard for communications on the Internet and which are still mostly used today, both on the global network and within private networks. Back then, the purpose was, among other things, to provide routing, data integrity and congestion control functionalities. It was not yet a question of security because the ARPANET, the ancestor of the Internet, was used by researchers: all its users were trusted and communicated in a disciplined manner because the initial idea of such a network was to interconnect American research centers in order to facilitate the sharing of resources and data.

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Team is growing!

Welcome Marine

We welcome Marine to the team! She has already worked on Blockchain issues for Thales and will reinforce our commercial and HR aspects as a Business Developer. Welcome to her!


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Team is growing!

Welcome Damien, Welcome Romain

We welcome Damien and Romain in our team to strengthen our Cloud and Full Stack teams respectively. Development is booming!


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