Chimere, the True Zero-Trust.

Chimere is the French 🇫🇷 and European 🇪🇺 Zero-Trust remote access solution.

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Chimere is a French and European Zero-Trust Network Access solution to make companies’ services invisible and so, not targetable for a cyberattack.

Chimere offer a True Zero-Trust on every aspects: Access, Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability. Moreover, this is the only French and European ZTNA

We change the paradigm of cybersecurity, make invisibility the norm and cyberstealth the new way to manage assets security.

All the solutions that offer to secure your assets just add layers in front of your exposed service. Chimere gives you a new way to manage this exposure: the Cyberstealth. Because you can't attack what you can't see, we provide a solution that makes your services disapear.

112 750 services are exposed on the internet by the 500 largest European companies. Vulnerabilities exploit on these services causes 52% of information system infections.

In France, there is more than 800 000 SSH services exposed, 5 500 industrial control systems and 7 000 services still vulnerable to heartbleed. There are also thousands of SMB services exposed on the internet that are not protected with an authentication.

Shodan Exposure Dashboard France

Chimere gives you what really matters.

✔ Remote access segmented by application

✔ No exposure of services

✔ Easy access control management

✔ Less operators and less time spent

✔ Easy move-to-cloud

Why using Chimere?

160 %
more 0-day in 2021 than in 2020

Applications and services are vulnerable

With 0-day vulnerabilities, no one can never know if a service is affected by such vulnerability. As we do not know if it is, we can consider that they always are.

“Halfway into 2021, there have been 33 0-day exploits used in attacks that have been publicly disclosed this year — 11 more than the total number from 2020.”

Threat Analysis Group – Google

120 days
mean time to patch

Patch management is not enough

Patch management is a complex and expensive process. It also requires to have a updated mapping of your assets and their versions. It means that, even if it is not a 0-day, the vulnerability can still be exploited after its public release.

“Too many organizations still fail to apply patches issued by software editors in time and provide attackers with a relatively easy initial infection vector on systems exposed on the Internet.”

Cyber threat overview 2021 – ANSSI


Remove your applications from the internet.

Hide your VPN.

Make hackers lateral movement an attack from the past.

Secure your osbsolete services.

Give you time to patch new-comming vulnerabilities.

Apply a less privileged access policy.


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