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The Chimere team wishes you a very happy 2024!

The Chimere team wishes you a very happy 2024!

To the entire cyber community, and to everyone, we wish you a very happy 2024! May it be synonymous with success and fulfillment in all your projects.

The year 2023 was particularly rich for us, with great successes on all fronts, from product development to HR aspects. We are convinced that 2024 will be full of success again! The agenda promises to be busy with already major milestones ahead of us:

  • DemoDay of the Cyber@StationF program
  • Final of the InCyber Forum 2024 prize
  • The continuation of our various collaborations, such as with Qorum Secur'Num
  • Several exhibitions: the InCyber Forum, the first edition of the Paris Cyber Show, the European Cyber Week 2024 …

We are very excited and will put all our energy into pursuing our goal: to make the internet safer and to make invisibility and cyber-stealth the norm.

In 2024, don't be vulnerable, get #Cyberstealth

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