Multiple uses at all levels.

Whether it is for remote access of your employees, collaboration with partners and service providers, SSH and RDP administrator access, or the security of industrial applications, Chimere meets these needs and several others in an innovative way, providing you with a high level of security.

Remote access to internal applications.

In an increasingly heterogeneous environment with multiple networks, remote access is costly in terms of resources and time. Standardize your access with Chimere and benefit from a simple, fast-to-implement, and easy-to-use solution for your users. With one-click access rule management, handle your requests quickly. Chimere is totally infrastructure-agnostic. Whether it's in the cloud, on-premise, or during migration, the access rules are the same and centralized in a single interface.

SSH and RDP in a hybrid environment.

Administrator access management is difficult to implement. Often, multiple bastions associated with one or more VPNs are set up. With Chimere, make point-to-point, micro-segmented access with a native least privilege access policy for your administrators. Without even having to expose and maintain a bastion or VPN gateway.

Access for suppliers or service providers.

Managing access for partners, suppliers or service providers to your information system can be complex. You may not want to connect their network to yours in order to limit access points. Chimere offers you the ability to only give access to the resources that are actually necessary for collaboration. No more tunnels connecting your information system to theirs.

Protection for industrial applications.

Industrial applications cannot always be updated, vulnerabilities are frequent, and vendors are not always responsive. Protect them with Chimere while continuing your operations and production. Without exposure, they are less sensitive to compromises and the exploitation of these vulnerabilities.

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