Protect with hackers technology

Darknet is used for years by hackers, now we give you the same tools to be on an equal footing.

4 components solution

Chimere is a four-component solution:

  • A private darknet, fully managed by Chimere, that allow access to your secured services
  • An administration console, called Darknet Manager, to administrate and monitor your users and services
  • A user agent, a software that allow users to connect to Chimere
  • A transfert agent, another software that secure and make your service available to your users

Darknet technology

This technology ensures the anonymity of services via a nodal network that guarantees its integrity through its multiple nodes. Our darknet, completely independent of the public darknet, is enriched with features that are necessary in an enterprise context and stripped of features that enhance performances. All with a user experience that meets your expectations.


Darknet Chimere uses darknet technology from the world of Hacking to hide the services of companies exposed on the Internet.

The darknet is an overlay network on the internet which makes it possible to ensure the anonymity of services, to hide them.

We have reused this technology and adapted it to the needs of companies to make services invisible to hackers while leaving them visible to users. Chimere is a private darknet. This means that the Chimere darknet is decoupled from the public Tor darknet. The nodes in the Chimere darknet do not communicate with the nodes in the Tor darknet, the circuits built are independent, and the services hidden in one darknet are not accessible from the other. In addition, the Chimere darknet nodes differ in several ways from the official Tor implementation.

Darknet Manager

DM Chimere offers a component called the darknet manager which is itself a hidden service. Its role is to:

  • Hold the list of users, groups and services for each tenant (client Chimere user);
  • Generate the certificates of authentication of the services and the users;
  • Manage the certificate chains;
  • Allow to associate/disassociate users to groups or services;
  • Change the configuration of services.

These actions can be performed by administrators via the web interface once they are connected to the Chimere darknet.

User agent

UA The second software, the User Agent is installed on the workstation of users who need to access these hidden services and grant acces to the darknet in a fully transparent way.

Transfer agent

TA The Transfer Agent is installed on a server owned by the customer, and which allows to chimerize the services (to make these services available through the Chimere darknet). This agent is used for several purposes:

  • The configuration of services from the web interface accessible by the administrators
  • Querying the darknet manager in order to check the authorization of users.